The halcyon days of youth

This Sunday as Amma slept exhausted by the kitchen adventures, K and I settled in for a spot of movie watching. Having read Nita’s review on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na a long while back, the movie was on my list to see some day. As the movie started cliched and all, somewhere in the middle of the boy and girl fall in love, I was caught up in the movie. Nasrudhin Shah’s antics had me and K in splits. As the movie ended and I wiped away tears of laughter from the corner of my eyes, Amma woke up and we went on to other things.

Two days after watching the movie, it all came back to me. I loved the movie for the freshness in the kid’s faces. Finally, here was a movie about college kids that had actors who looked like college kids. It was refreshing. The mileau might be different but I related to the thin line between love and friendship, the corny jokes, the friends-for-ever feeling. I experienced the joys of growing up with many different groups all at once. My college, my NIIT gang, Wipro days.

As I relived the halcyon days of youth, I was reminded of another movie that appealed to me when I was a teenager. Varusham 16. It forever changed the way I looked at my annual vacations. The romanticization of the village. The sweet looking Karthik. There was a freshness to that movie that got lost in the countless other movies that aped the concept.

So, as I start my day reliving the days of my youth, here is a question for you. Which movie did that for you i.e, changed the way you looked at something for ever?